The Strings of Motherhood is an artist’s book. The poem was put on one long piece of string with letter beads and then photographed with personal photos and other objects of interest to create a different kind of work of art. This book is for sale for $10.00 plus shipping and handling. karenfarisauthor@gmail.com

Karen’s poetry is a tapestry of words that challenges our assumptions about the world and the stories it tells. Here is the beginning of one of her very popular poems whose entire can be read in the Fall Edition of aaduna.

Hot Flash Mama

Yo! There!

You at the back of the room

rolling your eyes

at the title of my poem

and looking at me

all grey haired and flat shod

not giving a damn

yes you, I’m talking to you….



To order “Before There Was Yonder, ” please click on the above. This story came about when artist Katherine Weston decided she needed a narrative for her work and Karen happened to have a bunny story in her drawer.  While it wasn’t Before There Was Yonder, the two knew there was more than a little common sensibility in their work.  As Katherine produced clay sculptures, Karen created a world for the sculptures to inhabit and soon, The Grand Bunny was off on a journey to meet elemental characters who might help him save the world.  Though light-hearted and whimsical, the work focuses on the value of compassion and kindness and how we are all connected to the natural world. It met with such success that Katherine created illustrations and thus the book Before There Was Yonder was Born. Visit http://www.yonderandbeyond.net/index.html for more information.

Art and Photography

Copyright Karen Faris 2018 Please request Permission to use this image.

Copyright Karen Faris 2018 Please request Permission to use this image.

The Dreams of Beautiful Objects (Pie plate, Glass)

The Dreams of Beautiful Objects (Pie plate, Glass)

Prints begin at $60.00. For further pricing, contact Karen.